Welcome to the site of Nailpro Romania

NAILPRO, it’s one of the most important and prestigious competition in the nail industry. This year, the NAILPRO Competition will be organized on its third edition in Bucharest, Romania.

The strict rules, competitions with high level of difficulty, astonishing execution of works in a limited time and professional judges, are just a few criteria which defines NAILPRO for already 15 years on the market. The best nail technicians from around the world come to participate each year for show their professional abilities.

“I am very happy that we brought NAILPRO Competition in Romania, it’s one of the best of its kind. I know that in Romania and in Europe exists very talented nail technicians, who want to grow their statuses and show performance. NAILPRO it’s their chance. By the time when i was traveling in all Europe or USA to participate in competitions, i was always thinking about how amazing would be to have a very good one at home. Now it’s possible! I invite you all to register and participate, to compete and win!”

– Tatiana Litvinov, World Nail Champion, founder and owner of TL Nail Institute, organizer NAILPRO Romania.