About Us


Tatiana Litvinova professional with a more than 10 years experience and holder of a several important titles in the Nail Industry:

  • World Nail Champion
  • Director NAILPRO Romania
  • Triple A Professional, certified by World Nail Association
  • International Master Educator
  • Founder and CEO of TL NAIL INSTITUTE

The idea of creation of the TL Nail Institute was to share with everyone all the knowledges and experience what Tatiana Litvinov has.  The main interest of our company is to grow the professional level of the nail technicians and therefore to grow the Nail Industry. The primary principle of our services is to deliver comfort and quality to our students and customers. We offer high standards of knowledge, best professional products and outstanding working conditions.

“Love your profession, create the beauty, Dream, work right, be persevering and Win!” – Tatiana Litvinov

As any brand which respects its name and image, TL Nail Institute participate in Expo Events, local and international competitions having always very good results, medals and trophies.

The promises which TL Nail Institute makes are always fulfilled, which makes our company a serious and responsible business partner!


Viktoriia comes to us from Kiev, Ukraine.  She has been involved in the international industry since 1998.  She began competing and winning and currently holds 5 International champion titles as has appeared on the top 10 lists of many countries.  Viktoriia is an author in both print as well as instructional videos on competition.  She has judged internationally as well as in the US and holds a patent for a nail shape called the “Pipe”.

Since 2014 Viktoriia and her team have been creating and running competitions all through the Nailpro Eastern Europe.  All Nailpro Eastern European competitions are held to the same standards Nailpro Competitions USA demands.  All judges are past champions, and all rules for all Nailpro Competition are the same.